“When children & teenagers feel safe in relationships, there is so much potential for positive change & growth.”

As a parent, teacher or professional, you always want what’s best for the young people in your care. That’s a given. But doing what’s best is not always easy. In fact, it can feel like an impossible task at times.

It’s hard to always get it right. But with proper guidance, understanding and support, you can overcome the most challenging of situations with the child or adolescent in your care. I am here to facilitate that.

Hello. I’m Dr Bettina Hohnen.

Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Educator, Podcaster and Author of The Incredible Teenage Brain.

“Scrolling through your social media, opening up your news app, listening to your favourite podcast – we are so lucky to be surrounded by information and guidance. It’s great, until it’s overwhelming.”

I do what I do to help parents, teachers and kids find clarity – and solutions – in an age of information overload.

Through 30 years of clinical practice, I have developed a unique way of working with families and guiding teams to support young people. Relationships fray when neurodiversity is misunderstood, or mental health is poor.

Using the tools of neuroscience, years of experience and plenty of compassion, I help people change, grow and thrive within safe, nurturing and healthy relationships.

Author, Speaker & Educator

Are you seeking expert insight into child & teenage mental health, neurodiversity or family relationships?

Whether it’s educating your audience of parents or running a workshop to help like-minded professionals, I can deliver engaging, highly-informative content that’s geared around your event goals.