Public speaker, lecturer and educator

Give your audience expert insight into child & teenage mental health, wellbeing, neurodiversity, neuroscience & family relationships.

Lecturing, consulting & educating

I have devoted my adult life to understanding what young people need to thrive and I’m keen to pass it on. Hire me to deliver meaningful & engaging lectures packed full of value for your audience.

  • Your opportunity to get expert advice in specialist areas covering child mental health, teenager mental health and neurodiversity.
  • Trust in me as an experienced and confident public speaker who loves to inject humour and warmth into the room, while educating and passing on my knowledge.

From inspiring stories to practical tips, I adapt my content to suit your goals – as an organisation, business or event.

“Bettina was really attentive to our needs and what we wanted to get out of the session. A very easy atmosphere and encouraged us to talk and contribute. Super thought-provoking talk. I would have liked the session to be even longer!”

Talk Organiser

Enjoyed the very clear and positive style of the presenter and how she made a wealth of knowledge accessible. Lots of things to take forward in real life!

An attendee at Guardian Masterclass

My Portfolio

Below are some lectures and workshops where you can hear me speak:

Understanding the Teenage Brain – REC parenting masterclass

The Executive Functions at home – REC parenting masterclass

Let’s All Talk Mental Health

Feels Like Teen Spirit: Adolescent conference

Be Well, Learn Well Charter – Cognita Schools

Topics I cover

How to support kids to both be well & do well

The incredible teenage brain (for teachers, parents & organisations)

How to support your anxious child

Strengthening executive functions at home

Should we stress about stress?

Raising confident & resilient teenagers

A parents guide to supporting healthy friendships in their child

Neurodiversity in the classroom

Helping struggling kids become unstuck

Rekindling your child’s motivation

ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) the superpower

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I always think that true genius is when someone can take complex knowledge of an area and ‘translate’ it in a way that is comprehensible to people with only a vague knowledge of the subject. Bettina did just that and it was inspiring.

Workshop Organiser

What it looks like working with me


  • I’m a confident public speaker – and although what I do is rooted in the science, I love to make your audience feel relaxed, welcomed and at ease with the information I share.
  • I can adapt my tone and approach to your audience. For instance, I know that parents need to hear different things from teachers – and that’s always okay.
  • I am a passionate educator – and enjoy breaking down the ‘science’ of child & teen psychology, so parents and other supporting adults can easily access the knowledge to support and strengthen their relationships.
  • My audience is usually the adults – parents, teachers, professionals – who are supporting young people. I offer adults a safe place to share and learn so they can do the same for the young people in their care.
  • I have over 20 years of clinical experience – in the NHS, Great Ormond Street, universities & more.