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It is my mission that as many children and teenagers as possible grow up in safe,  nurturing environments that stretch them, so they can reach their potential while protecting their wellbeing. 

In writing books, I aim to reach a wider audience and hand over helpful, engaging psychological science and neuroscience to families, teachers and other adults supporting young people. 

The opportunity offered during childhood, where the brain’s natural state is growth and development, is huge. At the same time childhood, and the crucial teenage years are a time of vulnerability. We need to know what matters if we are to get this right. 

Author of The Incredible Teenage Brain

Written with Dr Jane Gilmour and Tara Murphy


It is truly incredible, that teenage brain. In this book, my colleagues and I explore what’s going on with teenagers during this time of enormous change. We unpick the neuroscience, translating it so parents, teachers and professionals know what to do to provide the best environment for teens to grow and thrive.

“This book’s a relief to read! A fresh and heartening take on how to see and work with teen potential, it gives a positive, practical steer on the grittiest of problems, along with plenty of examples and some great, direct solutions that actually work. Anything that helps us understand and elegantly manage the inherent ups and downs that come with having teenagers in the family is valuable stuff. If you wished that modern teens came with a manual, honestly, you need look no further.”

Samantha Murray Greenway (parent of two teenagers)

Author of How To Have Incredible Conversations With Your Child

Written with Dr Jane Gilmour

All parents want to communicate with their children, find out what’s going on in their lives, but they can find it hard to get conversations going. Yet all the science tells us communication and conversation skills are the key to long-term wellbeing.

In this book, Jane and I summarise the science that tells us why conversation is important and offer creative, engaging props to get conversations going. If you are looking to strengthen your relationship with your child, look no further.

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