Work with parents, individuals and families

(Online or face to face in Central London)

Parents and families

Bettina primarily works with parents because she sees what a powerful influence this can have on child wellbeing and family life. As part of that work children may join some sessions to help work through ongoing areas of struggle. Bettina’s approach is partly to hand over key ideas from neuroscience and psychology to parents and partly to help them reflect on what’s hard for them depending on their own experience in their birth family. The benefit of working with Bettina is her ability to imbue parents with this psycho-educational knowledge within the safety of a strong therapeutic relationship.

Bettina’s background in the field of neurodiversity enables her to help families understand their child’s diagnosis (e.g. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), interpret and operationalise educational and diagnostic results, identify barriers to progress in all areas of life and set appropriate academic and behavioural expectations.

Bettina has developed a programme for parents which focuses on strengthening their Executive Function skills which often cause the child and family difficulties in everyday life. She can run this course with individual parents or as a group on request.

Bettina runs The Circle of Security Programme from time to time, which is an excellent course aimed at strengthening parent-child relationships. If you might be interested in attending a group please get in touch with her.

Individual therapy

Bettina sees a small number of older teens and young adults (17+ years) who are looking for someone to help them make good decisions and work on old and new problems. As an expert in the area of Executive Functioning, Bettina is ideally placed to foster independence and teach the skills necessary for success in further education and a working life.  Her therapeutic training enables her to do this in the context of a safe therapeutic relationship. 

Educational Assessments

Children’s development and learning does not always progress as expected. A detailed educational or neuropsychological assessment can help to identify why. Parents may request an assessment, but often referrals are made by a teacher or health professional.

Reasons for obtaining an assessment may include a child having trouble learning to read, struggling with maths, seeming to be much better able to express themselves verbally than in written format, struggling with friendships or experiencing behavioural or emotional problems.Due to other writing and teaching commitments, Bettina is not currently offering standard educational assessments and the Autism Spectrum Disorder clinic is run once a month.

Neurodiversity Clinic

Bettina carries out complex assessments to identify neurodevelopmental differences, where a child or young person’s development is not following a typical path. This is an assessment service run as a multi-disciplinary team with a number of excellent colleagues in Central London. A detailed Educational Assessment and assessment of social communication skills (Autism Spectrum Disorder) will be covered as part of an expert assessment, diagnosis and management service for. 

For further information about that clinic please contact: